Three teams in STATES tomorrow, Saturday, November 11, 2017

Three of Goochland High School athletic teams will participating in VHSL state events tomorrow, Saturday, November 11.   

The girls cross country team will be running at 10:30 am at Great Meadow Park, The Plains, VA in the Division 2 Girls State Cross Country Meet.  Admission is $10.00

The boys cross country team will be running at 11:15 am at Great Meadow Park in the Division 2 Boys Cross Country Meet.  Admission is $10.00.

The volleyball team will be hosting Luray in the quarter finals of the VHSL Division 2 Volleyball Tournament at 6:00.  Admission is $10.00.

GHS Activities for the week of November 13, 2017

Monday, November 13:

1.  The JV & varsity Scholastic Bowl teams will host Buckingham & Cumberland at 5:30.

Tuesday, November 14:

1.   The varsity volleyball team will host Wilson Memorial at 7:00 in a semi-final game of the VHSL State Volleyball Tournament.  Admission is $10.00.

Wednesday, November 15:

1.  The Winter Athletic Parents Meeting will take place in the auditorium at 6:30.

Thursday, November 16:

1.  The boys basketball teams will host Fluvanna in a scrimmage at 6:00.

Friday, November 17:

1.  The varsity football team will host Amelia in a semi-final game in Region A football playoffs at 7:00.  Admission is $7.00.

Saturday, November 18:

1.  GHS is hosting the VHSL Super Regional Theatre Competition in the auditorium at 12:30.  The other schools in the competition are:  Poquoson, Clarke County, Prince Edward, Arcadia, Wilson Memorial, Robert E. Lee and Central (Woodstock).

2.  With a win on Tuesday, 11/14/17, the varsity volleyball team will be playing in the championship game of the VHSL State Volleyball Tournament at the Siegel Center at 1:00.

GHS Activities for the week of November

Monday, November 6:

1.  Winter sports try outs start for girls basketball, boys basketball & wrestling right after school.  Physicals must be on file in order to try out for a winter team.

2.  The JV & varsity scholastic bowl teams travel to Nottoway to take on Central & Nottoway at 5:30.

3.  The varsity volleyball team will host Amelia in the Semi-Finals game in the Division 2 Region A Volleyball Tournament.  The game time for the game is 6:30.  Admission is $6.00.  The other semi-final game will be Poquoson at Nottoway at 6:00.

Tuesday, November 7:

1.  The swim teams will hold their first official tryouts at FUMA pool at 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 8:

1.  With a win on Saturday & a win on Monday, the varsity volleyball team will host the finals of the Division 2 Region A Volleyball Tournament at 6:00.

Friday, November 10:

1.  The varsity football team will host a quarter final game in Division 2 Region A Football Playoffs at 7:00 vs. Brunswick.   Admission for the game is $7.00 (Goochland Family Passes & Senior Passes are not excepted for playoff games.)

Saturday, November 11:

1.  Both the girls & boys cross country teams will travel to Great Meadow Park, The Plains, VA to participate in the VHSL Division 2 State Cross Country Meet.  The girls run at 10:30 and the boys run at 11:15.  Admission to the state CC meet is $10.00.

2.  If the varsity volleyball team wins the Region A Volleyball Tournament, they they would host a VHSL State quarter final game.  They would be playing against the #2 team from Region B.   If they lose in the Championship game, they would have to travel to the #1 team in Region B.  Game time to be determined.   Admission for the game would be $10.00.

Two more teams qualify for states

With the competition cheer competing this Saturday, November 4 at the Siegel Center in the VHSL Division 2 State Cheer Competition at noon, both cross county teams qualified for the VHSL State Cross Country Meet.   The the girls finished second today behind only Maggie Walker at Pole Green Park in the Division 2 Region A cross country meet.  The boys finished third behind Maggie Walker & Poquoson, also at Pole Green Park.  The VHSL State Cross Country Meets will be held at Great Meadows, The Plains, VA on November 10 & 11.  The Division 2 meet is on Saturday, November 11.  The girls race is at 10:30 am and the boys run at 11:15 am.  Admission to both cheer & cross country is $10.00.

3 Peat: Goochland beats Goochland: Brother beats Brother

Chase Bernstine defended his VHSL 2A Boys Tennis Singles Championship by defeating his brother Ryan in the finals at Radford University today.  He won in straight sets but both went to tie breakers 6-6 (7-4) & 6-6 (8-6).  Congratulations to both Goochland players.  This is the third consecutive state singles championship for Chase.

Athletic Events for the week of June 5, 2017

The boys tennis team, softball team and the baseball team are still playing in the VHSL State Tournaments this week.  

Tuesday, June 6:  

1.  The boys tennis team travels to King University in Bristol to play John S. Battle at 10:00 am in the semi-finals of the VHSL State Boys Team Tennis Tournament.

Thursday, June 8:

1.  Chase Bernstine & Ryan Berstine represent 2A East in the VHSL 2A State Singles Tennis Tournament at Radford University at 10:00 am.  Admission is $10.00.

Friday, June 9:

1.  Chase & Ryan Berstine play as the #1 2A East doubles team in the VHSL 2A Doubles Tennis Tournament at Radford University at 10:00 am.  Admission is $10.00.

2.  The softball team will take on Richlands in the VHSL 2A Softball Tournament at Radford University at 10:00.  Admission is $10.00.

3.  The baseball team will take on John S. Battle in the VHSL 2A Baseball Tournament at Radford University at 1:00 pm.  Admission is $10.00.

Saturday, June 10:

1.  With a win over John S. Battle on Tuesday, the boys tennis team will play in the finals of the VHSL 2A State Boys Team Tennis Tournament at 10:00 am at RU.  Admission is $10.00.

2.  With a win over Richlands on Friday, the softball team will play in the championship game of the VHSL 2A State Softball Tournament at RU at 1:00 pm.  Admission is $10.00.

3.  With a win over John S. Battle on Friday, the baseball will play in the championship game of the VHSL 2A State Baseball Tournament at RU at 1:00 pm.  Admission is $10.00.


Directions and parking information for Appomattox County High School

Take Rte. 60 towards Powhatan, turn right onto Rte. 60, go through Cumberland Court House, pass Buckingham High School, through Buckingham Court House to Rte. 24, turn left on Rte 24 and take it straight into the town of Appomattox.  From Rte. 24 turn left onto Confederate Blvd (I think I told you Lee-Grant but I was incorrect). Continue on Confederate past Church Street (it will be closed until noon or later) to Redfields Road (look for the Appomattox Rescue Squad). Turn right onto Redfields. Take Redfields and turn right onto Evergreen Ave (there should be a green sign with Appomattox County High School and an arrow). Follow Evergreen Ave. to ACHS. There are 2 parking lots at the school. One is off of Evergreen and the other is off of Red House Rd (Rte. 727). To access the one off of Red House Road go to the end of Evergreen Ave. and take a left onto Red House Road (Rte. 727). The parking lot is on the left. Please tell your fans to try to not park in the grass on Rte. 727. They might be towed if they are on private property. If the fans are coming in after noon Church St. should be open. Then they would take a right on Church St. from Confederate (Look for Jamerson Building Supply on the left of Confederate Blvd.) Then they would turn left onto Red House Rd. (Rte. 727) ACHS will be on the left.

ACHS will also be offering satellite parking and a free shuttle bus to and from the game on Saturday. There will be two satellite parking locations. The first will be at Liberty Baptist Church (1709 Church Street) and the second will be at Appomattox Elementary School (176 Kids Place). The shuttle will be starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and will continue to shuttle people to the game until approximately 2:30 p.m. or later if needed. The shuttle will begin to bring people back to the satellite parking about mid-way through the 4th quarter of the game and will continue until approximately one-half hour after the game is completed, or later if necessary.

Our handicapped parking will be in an area that we block off that is close to the field and ticket booths. This is also where you and your administrators will be able to park, along with the buses for the team and band.