Region Track Meet & Boys Tennis moved to Friday, May 26

Due to weather forecast for the valley for tomorrow, both the Region 2A East Track meet at East Rockingham High School and the Boys Team Tennis Tournament at Wilson Memorial High School have been moved to Friday, May 26.  

The boys tennis matches start at 11:00 and the track meet starts at noon.   

Athletic events for week of May 22, 2017

Monday, May 22:

1.  The Quad Rivers Conference 34 Tournaments start for softball, baseball, girls soccer and boys soccer.  We will host softball & baseball at 5:00, girls soccer at 5:30 and boys soccer at 7:00.  At the present time, still waiting to see who we will be hosting.  Cost for the tournament games is $6.00 and the GHS & senior citizen passes don’t work for the games.

Softball will host Prince Edward, girls soccer will host Cumberland, boys soccer will host Nottoway and baseball will host either Nottoway or Bluestone.

Tuesday, May 23:

1.  The top two singles players will be participating in the 2A East Singles Tennis Tournament at Byrd Park at noon.

Wednesday, May 24:

1.  The semi-finals of the QRC 34 tournaments continue, with wins on Monday, the Bulldogs will be hosting again at the same times as Monday.

Thursday, May 25:

1.  The members of the track teams that have qualified will travel to East Rockingham High School for the Region 2A East track meet at 12:00.

2.  The boys tennis team travels to either East Rockingham or Wilson Memorial for semi-finals Region 2A East Boys Tennis Tournament.  The start time will be determined on which school Goochland will play.

Friday, May 26:

1.  The finals of the QRC 34 tournaments continue, with wins on Monday & Wednesday, Goochland could host the finals in softball, girls soccer & boys soccer.  More than likely the baseball team will be on the road.


Quad Rivers Conference 34 Boys Team Track Results

Bluestone                   112

Brunswick                   85

Goochland                   78

Prince Edward            72

Nottoway                     50

Amelia                          49

Greensville                  44

Randolph-Henry         4

Goochland’s Athletic Events for the Week of May 15, 2017

Monday, May 15:

1.  The Quad Rivers Conference 34 Girls Tennis Doubles Tournament will be played at Prince Edward starting at 3:00.

2.  Goochland will host the Quad Rivers Conference 34 Boys Tennis Doubles Tournament at 3:00.

3.  The varsity girls & boys soccer teams host Bluestone at 5:30 & 7:00.

Tuesday, May 16:

1.  The girls tennis team travels to Randolph-Henry to play in the finals of the Quad Rivers Conference 34 Girls Team Tennis Tournament at 4:00.  (Rescheduled from 5/12/17.)

2.  The varsity girls & boys soccer teams travel to Prince Edward for their games at 5:00 & 6:30. (Make up game from 5/1/17)

3.  The varsity softball & JV baseball teams travel to Bluestone for their games at 5:00.

4.  The varsity baseball team hosts Bluestone at 5:00.

Wednesday, May 17:

1.  The QRC 34 Girls Tennis Singles Tournament will be played at Prince Edward at 3:00.

2.  Goochland will host the QRC 34 Boys Tennis Singles Tournament at 3:00.

3.  The JV & varsity girls soccer teams travel to King William for their games starting at 4:30 & 5:30.

Thursday, May 18:

1.  The Quad Rivers Conference 34 Track Meet will take place at Nottoway High School at 11:00 am.

2.  The varsity softball team will play Maggie Walker on Virginia Union University’s softball field at 5:00.

Friday, May 19:

1.  The varsity baseball team will travel back to Buckingham to finish their tied baseball game from May 4 at 5:00.



James River District Boys Track Score (5/8 & 5/10)

JRD Boys Track Meet Scores:

1.  Cumberland           130

2.  Prince Edward       92

2.  Bluestone               92

4.  Amelia                    54

5.  Goochland              52

6.  Nottoway                32

7.  Buckingham          24

8.  Central                    18

9.  Randolph-Henry   1   

James River District Girls Teams Track Scores (5/8 &5/10)

Girls Track Scores for JRD Track Meet:

1.  Prince Edward    154

2.  Goochland           117.5

3.  Nottoway              70

4.  Cumberland         72

5.  Amelia                   40

6.  Buckingham         25.5

7.  Central                    17

8.  Randolph-Henry   10

9.  Bluestone                 2

Some games are postponed and some games are still being played 5/5/17

Some of the games scheduled for today, Friday, May 5, 2017 are postponed and some of the games are still a go.


Home varsity softball & JV baseball….make up date has not been set yet.

JV girls soccer at St. Anne’s……make up date has not been set yet.

Still a go for today:

Track invitational at Caroline High School.

JV softball & varsity baseball at Randolph-Henry.